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The Bunker

The Bunker

Your godfather is in trouble.

To help him, you have gained entry into a secret bunker where you must find evidence to prove his innocence.

The only way out of the bunker is a locked door and you must complete a treasure trail to find its key.

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The Studio

The Studio

You are locked inside your aunt's studio!

Her passion is solving problems and her studio reflects her interest in all types of puzzles.

Can you solve all the problems she has set to find the key to the door?

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Quest of Nine

Quest of Nine: The Citadel

Quest of Nine is a mathematical problem-solving game aimed at year seven pupils; although a bright year 5 or year 6 pupil could attempt it with the help of an adult.

The aim of the quest is to navigate through 28 'Rooms' in the Citadel. Each Room has a locked door which can be opened with a Key Number which is found by solving a mathematical problem in one of the previous Rooms.

Quest of Nine is a free educational resource.

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